Why Is Car Insurance so Expensive in Hollywood

Factors That Will Drive up Your Hollywood Car Insurance Rates

Have you ever wondered why is car insurance so expensive in Hollywood? It's all about the stars, it seems.

Why is car insurance so expensive in Hollywood? They have a lot of money and they are in demand. One has to look no further than the famous set of Angels to see this phenomenon at work.

If you don't own a show on television or a movie starring a famous actor, then chances are, you are an Angel. In Hollywood, the rich and famous are seen driving expensive cars with fancy features. The middle class citizens look on in envy as their poor neighbors drive poor cars with their poor features.

Hollywood also pays close attention to its tax payers, especially if they are the stars themselves. Although some are self-made millionaires, most of them have many friends and family members that helped them get where they are now.

Perhaps it is the constant influx of celebrities that have always been in demand that has increased the price of car insurance in Hollywood to be so high. After all, if you drive a four-door car and your neighbors' cars are like an SUV, then why should you pay more than those who drive sedans?

Now, the question, 'Why is car insurance so expensive in Hollywood?' turns into a puzzle when you figure out that everyone, including those celebrities, are protected by the same fire walls and doors.

Fire walls are placed to prevent fires in the building. When the fire spreads, everyone has to be protected from the smoke and flames.

Take a good look at the doors on your neighbor's car. Those sliding doors, which allow the driver and passengers to enter the vehicle while still being able to see out, must be protected from the elements as well. Air vents, which serve to vent the heated air coming from the engine compartment, and doors that swing outward are also on their list of features.

The doors and interior panels that have glass in them, while not fire resistant, need to be protected from the elements as well. Of course, if you are inside, you would be protected from the cold but outside you would be exposed to the sun, wind, and heat. This would add up to your current cost for insurance.

Why is car insurance so expensive in Hollywood? It appears to be a universal phenomenon. You can't fault the old ladies in Westchester for having sliding glass doors and fire walls.

Why is car insurance so expensive in Hollywood? The people there all have high priced cars and very expensive features that make them attractive targets for thieves.

Well, the big houses and other places where Hollywood stars reside must be protected against thieves who would like nothing better than to rob the rich and famous. Remember, being a celebrity means you are only a few steps away from being in the headlines of every tabloid.

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